Ellen Donut Dog Bed Collection

If you’re a dog owner, chances are you view your dog as a bonafide member of the family (well, sans income and voting rights). If so, you already know that keeping a dog well-fed and active is essential for overall health. Perhaps less well-known is the need for sound, comfortable sleep.

The average dog, for example, spends 12-14 hours a day sleeping. Puppies and large breeds sleep even more, averaging up to 18 hours per day. If you’re looking for a safe, comfortable sleep space for your dog (and/or to keep them from covering your furniture in fur), you can’t beat a donut dog bed (or “dog donut bed,” if you’d prefer). Some even call them bagel dog beds!

A donut dog bed is exactly what it sounds like: a plush, comfy sleep surface surrounded by a stuffed “donut” border. The bottom provides warmth and comfort for your pooch, while the donut serves both as a headrest and hair containment measure. 

'Donut bed for dog calming' or 'Anxiety calming dog bed'  are another terms used for this style of dog bed. Our donut beds have been designed with a really deep soft and comfortable raised edge which gives a sense of security and comfort for your pets, this feeling aides relieve stress and anxiety. With the deep sides and the firm but luxuriously soft, inner cushion this bed encapsulates and snuggles around your pet providing an enhanced neck and joint support during sleep. The luxuriously cushion is extremely warming which makes this bed warm, cosy, calm, and enhances a great night's sleep for your beloved pet.

With both yourselves and your beloved pets in mind, we have chosen only the finest of materials to put together this luxury bed. Both the deep-sided bolster cushion and the inner cushion are firm yet extremely comfortable. The luxury outer material is thick and very heavy making it strong and durable and made to last.


The very luxurious inner covers are are super soft to touch and self-warming making the bed feel safe, secure, cosy, calming and comfortable. We design all our beds and select our fabrics with the intention of creating beds to compliment the home as well as the benefits they have for your dog.