Fetchandsit is a British dog bed business based in Lancashire, UK. We are passionate about supplying the highest quality UK manufactured dog beds, so you can be sure your pet is feeling both warm and comfortable, always.

We believe passionately about the quality of the luxury dogs beds we are offering our customers. The feedback we get is fantastic and this only drives us to add more pet bed ranges for our customers.

Choose from contemporary and classic designs at fetchandsit.com. All of our products are made from quality fabrics and the finest materials. Our range of luxury dog mattresses, dog box beds are some of the best on the market, so you can ensure your dog benefits from maximum comfort.  


The Château Orthopaedic Dog Mattress is part of our MEMORY series of orthopaedic dog beds, which are ideally suited to older dogs, larger breeds or pets that require more support for their joints, back or body. The beds are filled with crumb memory foam, these dense particles mould to the dog's shape, achieving an ultimate level of support. further information on orthopaedic dog beds can be found here Benefits Of An Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

If you are seeking dog bed luxury the Windsor Dog Bed & Dog Mattress collection is themed around two timeless colour ways, in keeping with home decor trends. The beds are upholstered with a rich tweed outer sidewall, combined with contrasting chenille lining

We have all breed sizes covered for dogs beds large,small and medium

Luxury and quality is what we offer our customers. Only 1 in 9000 customers returns an item. This clarifies the guaranteed luxury dog bed,and dog mattress quality that fetchandsit.com can supply for your best friends.

Take your time to have a good look through the luxury selection we have. Ensure you look at the importance of a quality dog bed blog, and the dog bed sizing guide before committing to a purchase. We are here to support you, so please email teamfetchandsit@gmail if you have any questions.

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